Key Addresses

Core Contracts

Liquidity Pool Contracts

USDC x USDe Curve Pool:
crvUSD x USDe Curve Pool:
mkUSD x USDe Curve Pool: DAI x USDe Curve Pool:
sFRAX x sUSDe Curve Pool:
Coming Soon sDAI x sUSDe Curve Pool:
Coming Soon
USDT x USDe Uniswap v3 Pool:

Multisig Wallets


  • 4/8 signers.
  • Owner of Ethena's deployed mainnet smart contracts & able to modify contract parameters.

Hot Swap

  • 4/8 signers.
  • Protocol generated yield transferred here, used to mint UDSe, before the USDe is transferred to the "sUSDe Payout Fund" address.

sUSDe Payout Fund

  • 4/8 signers.
  • Receives USDe from "Hot Swap" wallet.
  • Distributes USDe to Staking Smart Contract or Prelaunch participants directly.

Protocol Treasury

  • 5/9 signers.
  • Protocol funds from fundraising. Used to pay team bills & salaries.

Trading Operations

  • 4/8 signers.
  • Enables the team to interact with dApps onchain to support operations. For example, staking & unstaking stETH with Lido.

Insurance Fund

  • 4/8 signers.
  • Protocol's funds to be disbursed when net negative funding occurs.
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