ZKP Proven Positions

Coming Soon

Ethena plans to use Proven Tools' ZeKnown Solv to verify and transparently prove to the community that protocol assets are delta neutral and the derivatives positions exist in addition to the read access being provided on our dashboards and independent third party dashboards.

This enables users to have confidence that the protocol is behaving as expected. In moments of market stress, users are able to validate, in real-time, the integrity peg stability mechanism as well as that the internal system components are working & without issue.

ZeKnow Solv

ZeKnow Solv is a system that allows exchanges, prime brokers, and stablecoins to prove that they are fully backed and solvent. ZeKnow Solv uses ZK-SNARK technology to create cryptographic proofs of solvency without revealing sensitive private information.

ZeKnow Solv helps to ensure the integrity and solvency of the financial system, reducing the risk of fraud and contagion.

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